Buy Fastag Online - Any doubts?

What is fastag? How does it work? What are the benefits?

Fastag is an RFID (Radio frequency ID) which is designed to work at Toll plazas in order to reduce the waiting time at tolls for fee collection. These look like sticker labels. When pasted onto a vehicle, this vehicle can pass through the toll in a designated lane without stopping for fee collection. This tag can be recharged like a cell phone SIM card and toll fee gets automatically deducted from the tag account when passed through a toll.

What is required to buy fastag online?

You basically need the following to register a tag for your vehicle.

1. Registration certificate of your vehicle

2. Your ID proof

3. Your Address proof

4. Photo of Vehicle

5. Photo of yourself

6. A cell phone number

7. Email Address

8. Fatsag Registration Fee

Is there a specific lane for fastag customers at toll plazas?

Yes, you are right. For now, atleast one lane on either sides of a toll plaza is designated for fastag customers.

What if the fastag detector doesn't work at toll plaza?

After you buy fastag online and start using it, If the detector at toll plaza doesn't automatically detect your fatsag, the toll incharge will stop your vehicle and scan the fastag using a hand detector. This is a rare case but there are slight chances that you might be stopped if the detector at toll lane doesn't work.

How do I buy fastag online from

1. Choose your fastag (based on vehicle type) from products menu and click buy.

2. Provide your information and submit.

3. You will receive an email with payment info. You can choose to pay us through paytm or UPI or Bank Transfer. After making payment, send us the payment info through Whatsapp on +91 8056526579. Also, send us your Aadhaar/PAN image, Image of Vehicle RC and Image of the vehicle taken from front.

4. After you submit the documents, we will register your fastag and send the same to you through SPEED POST.

6. You receive the fastag and affix onto your vehicle. We shall send you instructions on how to affix the fastag.

How do I contact the bank for any further issues/doubts?

After receiving and pasting the fastag, you can contact the toll free number mentioned on your fastag itself for any issues/clarifications.